Catalogue of Russian coins 1992-1996

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Prices in USD

* Coins minted in the year of creation (1991) of the State Committee for the State of Emergency, and received their name "Coins of the GKChP" They can be attributed to the period of the USSR, but at the same time, their design already resembles the coins of modern Russia. That is why they are often referred to the period of modern Russia.
* Coins of the GKChP duplicated in section Coin catalog 1992-1996 and in the section Coin catalog USSR 1921-1991, since the series began in 1991 and affected both periods.

Diameter: 25 mm Weight: 6.1 gr Metal: Center of coin is from bronze, a ring is from copper-nickel alloy Edge: Intermediate rifle

* Coins of this type can have yellow center of red center - it is ok for them.
YearMintTypePrice in VF
 LMDRind and center is the same color10.000
Diameter: 24 mm Weight: 5.3 gr Metal: Cu-Ni Edge: Intermediate rifle

* Mintmark is under "Рублей". Like circle - it is MMD, more oval - LMD.
YearMintPrice in VF
Diameter: 21.2 mm Weight: 3.7 gr Metal: Cu-Ni Edge: Rifle

* Mintmark is under "Рублей".
YearMintPrice in VF
Diameter: 18 mm Weight: 2.2 gr Metal: Cu-Ni Edge: Rifle

* Mint mark on this coin is located under "копеек"."Л" - it means Leningrad mint.
YearMintPrice in VF
Diameter: 17.9 mm Weight: 2 gr Metal: Steel plated brass Edge: Smooth

* Mint mark on this coin is located under "копеек"."М" - moscow mint.
YearMintPrice in VF
1991М, magnetic0.4$
RМ, nonmagnetic10.000
RМ, from white metal800